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Founder-President-Licensed Massage Therapist
Allow me to introduce myself as the founder of the Jeanie Rahal Clinic: The desire to relieve pain led me to pursue training in massage therapy. I completed it in 1987! Allowing people to feel better and offer them the opportunity to regain physical and mental balance, so they can live fully and in harmony with themselves. After several years of learning, I chose to surround myself with a team of therapists to expand and offer other approaches to meet the needs of our clients in order to make a difference in our warm and innovative clinic. I want each of you to feel “at home” from the moment you enter.

Relaxation Massage: 1987 

Therapeutic Massage: 1987 

Prenatal Massage: 1987 

Reflexology: 1987


Vice President-Endermologue
Passionate about customer service, I aim to provide a personalized and professional experience to every interaction with our clients. Attentive and empathetic, my desire to help and make a difference is an essential part of who I am and what I aim to achieve. Very ambitious, I always have ideas swirling in my head. Offering personalized service is at the core of my vision of customer service and my commitment to excellence. It will be my pleasure to get to know you and accompany you towards your goals.
Endermologie 2021


Team Leader-Receptionist-Content Creator
I am a dedicated and sincere person. I want to offer you personalized and warm customer service because your satisfaction and well-being are important to me. There is nothing more rewarding than accompanying our clients and seeing them leave their appointment with a smile.



Licensed Massage Therapist and Endermologue Technician
Following the model of my mother, Jeanie Rahal, the motivation to support each individual in a process of physical and mental health is close to my heart. My areas of interest include neck pain, headaches, foot pain, as well as prenatal care. As a massage therapist for over 15 years, I advocate for the primary rule of welcome: to listen to your situation and your needs. The sole objective is to relieve stress and pain towards well-being. I rely on you to tell me the effects produced during the treatment.

Relaxation Massage 2009
Therapeutic Massage 2009
Prenatal Massage 2009

Hot Stone Massage 2009 

Cupping Massages and Myobar 2018
Continuing Education in Endermologie 2021


Massage Therapist-Endermologue
Graduated as a massage therapist from the Academy of Scientific Massage since 2022, my main goal as a massage therapist is to help you achieve optimal well-being in a conducive environment for relaxation and comfort. For this, I use various techniques ranging from Swedish and therapeutic massage to manual lymphatic drainage, in order to meet your needs. Throughout my journey, I also wanted to diversify my knowledge by integrating endermologie into my services. Passionate about well-being, this also represents an important part of my personal life, particularly through yoga practice for the past 4 years. Thus, thanks to the various knowledge acquired in academic, professional, and personal environments, it is with enthusiasm that I now wish to share my passion for well-being through my profession.

Relaxation Massage 2022 

Therapeutic Massage 2022 

Lymphatic Drainage 2022 

Endermologie 2023 

Continuing Education in pre/post-operative Endermologie, scarring, lymphology, and senology 2023


Licensed Massage Therapist-Endermologue
Passionate about personal care, I decided to pursue massage therapy. Helping my clients improve their physical and mental well-being while being attentive, empathetic, patient, and honest – mission accomplished! I specialize in prenatal massage as well as endermologie treatments. With my experience and by combining my techniques, I dare to hope that I can make a significant difference in people’s lives. The mind is enriched by what it receives, the heart by what it gives. – Victor Hugo

Relaxation Massage 2012 

Therapeutic Massage 2012 

Prenatal Massage 2013 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder 2016 

Cupping/Myobar 2018 

Continuing Education in pre/post-operative Endermologie, scarring, lymphology, and senology 2022

alex jpg


Massage Therapist-Kinesitherapist
I am a massage therapist-kinesitherapist, specializing in therapeutic and Shiatsu massage. Being very interested in ancient traditional medicine techniques and holistic therapies, I discovered the benefits of massage therapy following a work accident. Obtaining exceptional healing, I decided to change careers and become a massage therapist myself, thus helping others in my turn.

Shiatsu 2015

Relaxation Massage 2017 

Therapeutic Massage 2017 

Kinesitherapy 2019 

Sports Massage 2020

Cupping Massage 2020


Massage Therapist and Osteopath
Passionate about my work and human beings. Happy to be part of the CJR team for over 10 years. I have been practicing for over 20 years to offer effective treatments, in order to relieve pain. My positive demeanor exudes an unstoppable energy. Looking forward to accompanying you in your efforts towards well being.

Relaxation Massage 2005 

Therapeutic Massage 2011

Prenatal Massage 2011

Osteopathy 2011



Massage Therapist
About Over 24 years ago, I chose to be a massage therapist because I wanted to help people. With my experience and expertise, you will notice a difference from the first treatment. Out of passion for the profession, I first studied massage therapy on my own, under the mentorship of a professional, and then in 2018, I underwent official training to develop my skills. What motivates me in this field is making a difference for people in pain.

Relaxation Massage 2018 

Therapeutic Massage 2018 

Lymphatic Drainage 2018 

Deep Tissue Massage 2018 

Sports Massage 2018 

Prenatal Massage 2018

Hot Stone Massage 2018


Massage Therapist
I am passionate about my profession: it is to be somewhat in the service of humanity, while developing captivating interpersonal skills in addition to practicing a unique form of art, endless in inspiration. At the dawn of this new era in which we live, my goal is to help the clientele of the clinic integrate and assimilate proprioceptive patterns, which I believe, in my opinion, will be essential to the ability to explore what this new time brings us. Of course, my passion drives me to provide quality alternative medicine care, as I have done for several years.

Relaxation Massage 2005
Therapeutic Massage 2005
Sports Massage 2010
Prenatal Massage 2011
Hot Stone Massage 2020
Deep Tissue Massage 2021

Reiki Practitioner 2010
Cupping Massage 2023


Massage Therapist-Kinesitherapist-Orthotherapist-Hypnotherapist
I am a person who loves her job. I am passionate about the beauty of every living being and its holistic functioning. I consider life to be a miracle of high perfection. I love taking care of people and I am convinced that caring touch and kindness from an authentic heart bring unsuspected benefits. Therefore, I enjoy accompanying my clients with the highest care possible. As a therapist, the desire to help people and continuous training are paramount values for me. I will be happy to welcome you and help you regain well-being, both physically and mentally. Looking forward to welcoming you soon to the Jeanie Rahal Clinic!

Relaxation Massage 2006 

Therapeutic Massage 2006 

Prenatal Massage 2006 

Hot Stone Massage 2006

Deep Tissue Massage 2006 

Kinesitherapy 2008 

Orthotherapy 2008 

Cupping 2017 

Gua Sha 2019

Humanistic Hypnosis Practitioner 2021


Licensed Massage Therapist-Kinesitherapist
I have been a massage therapist-kinesitherapist for 18 years. Taking care of people is my passion. My goal is to help people who are experiencing stress or pain so that they can have a better quality of life, while offering a personalized approach adapted to each of you. Attentive, caring, and professional, I aim to make a difference for each client and accompany them towards well-being.

Relaxation Massage 2006 

Therapeutic Massage 2006 

Prenatal Massage 2007 

Kinesitherapy 2008 

Lymphatic Drainage 2008 

Lymphedema Treatment 2009


Osteopath D.O
Generous, empathetic, and motivated, I offer an attentive ear to everyone who consults me, in order to respond appropriately to your needs in a respectful and professional manner. During my 32 years of experience, I have undergone several postgraduate training courses in osteopathy. My areas of interest remain the care of musculoskeletal pain, headaches, pregnant women, and babies.

Diploma in osteopathy from CEO 2006

Thesis defense at CEO 2008
(The effect of cranial lymphatic resurgence on migraine symptoms) 

Member of the jury for thesis defense at CEO 2015


Massage Therapist-Kinesitherapist
I am a massage therapist and kinesitherapist My great passion is to ensure that my clients feel better, both physically and mentally. I love discovering new technics to make my treatments even more personalized and effective. For me, the secret is to listen carefully to my clients because understanding your needs is how miracles happen. I am convinced that prevention is the key! I provide advice on adopting a healthy lifestyle. In summary, I am here to bring maximum well-being.

Relaxation Massage 2021 

Therapeutic Massage 2021 

Kinesitherapy 2022


I am passionate about my profession. Meticulous, caring, and determined to provide you with personalized and quality treatments, with the aim of relieving your discomfort. Building a relationship of trust, in order to offer the best service according to your needs, is a priority. I aim to provide you with relevant and tailored advice for your particular situation, and to accompany you towards better health and optimal well-being. My motto: prevent, relieve, and rehabilitate.
Foot Hygienist-Podology Care 2020


Osteopath D.O.
Graduated from a French school in Avignon since 2013, I have been a member of the Quebec Association of Osteopaths since my arrival in Quebec in 2018, but I practiced previously in South America and then in France. Having developed a strong sense of adaptation through my experiences, I try to convey it in my practice, in order to offer a treatment adapted to the needs of each individual on a physical and emotional level. With my 15 years of experience in soccer and 10 years of experience in osteopathy, my practice concerns us all: athletes, pregnant women, infants to the elderly.
Osteopathy: 2013


Massage Therapist-Kinesitherapist -Deep Tissue Specialist
Having myself been a long-term injury victim, I know how frustrating it can be to live with daily pain. That’s why I will be happy to accompany you in your healing process. Whether it’s through my specialty, deep tissue work, or therapeutic massage adapted to your muscular and tissue tensions that limit your movements, or even through a relaxation massage aimed at reducing your stress, improving your breathing and sleep, I will do everything in my power to improve your condition. Helping someone function optimally through massage therapy is a privilege that I take very seriously.

Relaxation Massage: 2022 

Therapeutic Massage: 2022 

Kinesitherapy: 2023 

Cupping Massage: 2023 

Deep Tissue: 2023 

Prenatal Massage: 2023 

Foot Reflexology (introductory course): 2023





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