Medical Endermologie®

What is medical endermologie®?

Medical Endermologie® is an advanced therapeutic technique designed to optimize the health of skin and subcutaneous tissues through targeted mechanical stimulation. Using a patented device equipped with motorized rollers and a vacuum suction system, this revolutionary method acts directly on the skin and surrounding tissues. Medical Endermologie® is a non-invasive and painless approach, ideal for people looking for solutions without surgical intervention.

The process of this innovative treatment

The process is based on mechanical stimulation of cells, thus promoting regeneration and improvement of skin texture. By mobilizing tissues, endermologie® stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, which contributes to better drainage of fluids and toxins. This technique is particularly effective for treating various skin and subcutaneous conditions, and is supported by decades of clinical research.

Medical endermologie® and skin care

Medical endermologie® is distinguished by its ability to treat complex problems with precision and efficiency, while providing a comfortable experience for the client. This innovative technology is widely used in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, and it represents a significant advance in the care of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The benefits of medical endermologie® in Laval

Plan de traitement d'endermologie LPG - Cellu M6

“My endermologie® sessions did me good both physically and psychologically. It is a very gentle approach and the sensation is very pleasant.

After a session, you have the feeling that the circulation is activated, that your skin is much more toned. I feel more beautiful and more confident in my body and in my head.

I also loved the facial treatment, I definitely had a better complexion and my wrinkles and fine lines were relaxed. Brigitte has a gentle and warm approach, you quickly feel confident and comfortable with her.”


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