Discover aesthetic endermologie® to improve the appearance and texture of your skin in depth.

Using a non-invasive approach and cutting-edge equipment, this method stimulates your skin, promoting optimal blood and lymphatic circulation. By awakening your skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms, endermologie® fights cellulite, tones skin tissues and strengthens its elasticity. Result: visibly smoother, firmer and radiant skin, without any need to resort to invasive treatments. Enjoy the benefits of endermologie® now for radiant, uncompromising beauty.

cellu m6 alliance

At the cutting edge of technology

To meet your expectations, the CELLU M6 Alliance endermologie® treatment represents the very latest generation, offering maximum effectiveness. Thanks to its innovative patented heads, it precisely targets the desired areas and sends signals to the cells for incredible results! Treatments with this device effectively reduce symptoms such as inflammation, pain, loss of joint mobility, and contribute to your well-being by improving your quality of life.

100% natural treatment – ​​Without surgery

No pain or side effects

Change from the 1st session



How does endermologie® work?

Discover the incredible technology of endermologie®, designed to energize skin tissues and enhance your skin. Thanks to its motorized rollers and delicate suction, this technique works deeply to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating toxins and unnecessary fluids, and leaving your skin visibly refreshed.
Équipement pour Endermologie LPG

The benefits of endermologie®

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+ 400 %

blood circulation

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+ 300 %

lymphatic circulation

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+ 130 %


Endermologie®, a lifestyle

Endermologie® goes well beyond a simple aesthetic treatment: it is a true art of living. By regularly inserting endermologie® sessions into your daily life, you are investing in your well-being and vitality. This holistic approach takes care of your body by boosting circulation, improving the firmness of your skin and reducing cellulite. Adopt endermologie® as a pillar of your lifestyle for radiant skin and a revitalized body.

Traitement d'endermologie du corps

How does an endermologie® treatment take place?

1. Consultation

You will make a first appointment which includes a consultation to discover your goals, your health and your lifestyle (if you decide not to have treatment, this consultation will be billed).

We will then provide you with a personalized treatment plan, along with suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

In the majority of treatments, it is necessary to use Endermowear body tights for better comfort.

Your rate will vary depending on the plan selected; plan on $110 to $150 plus taxes per session.

If you opt for à la carte treatments, the consultation, treatment and Endermowear will be billed.

It is much more advantageous to choose a package because the Endermowear and the consultation will then be included at no cost. In addition, your cost per session will be lower.

Consultation pour l'endermologie à Laval
Plan de traitement d'endermologie LPG - Cellu M6

2. Creation of the treatment plan

A frequency of 1 to 2 times per week is strongly recommended at the beginning in order to obtain results more quickly.

Photos will be taken at regular intervals so that you can judge progress.

Depending on the prioritized areas, the treatment will be carried out more frequently on them in order to obtain optimal results.

3. First session

Your first session will last 60 minutes including your consultation and treatment. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the protocol and will take 20 to 40 minutes.

The first sessions will be focused on selected areas for best results. A feeling of relaxation, like a deep massage will be felt.

Combined with healthy lifestyle habits, such as fitness and good nutrition, you will be able to see results more quickly.

Endermologie® is a rhythm of life!

A treatment that gets people talking

Increase treatment effectiveness with Bloomea

What is Bloomea resurfacing and modeling?

This is a deep mechanical abrasion of the epidermis, through macro-exfoliation and micro-vibration. This is not a classic exfoliation.

Bloomea helps eliminate skin imperfections, layer by layer, to smooth, firm, tone the skin and even out the complexion, in order to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Combined with endermologie®, the results are much more effective.

Bloomea Modeling was designed and created by a group of French cosmetic surgeons.

This treatment treats the various imperfections of the skin, relief such as the color of the complexion, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, scars (i.e. after-effects of acne), hyperpigmentation (pigmentation spots), firming of the skin and boost of radiance.

Ideal for all skin types, from the first session you notice an improvement in the quality of the skin. After 4 sessions we see a 20% increase in elastin and a smoother surface.

How does a session go?

Consultation, endermologie® treatment for more results, then Bloomea treatment including 2 phases: macro-exfoliation and micro-vibration modeling.

“My endermologie® sessions have done me good both physically and psychologically. It is a very gentle approach and the sensation is very pleasant.

After a session, we have the feeling that circulation is activated, that our skin is much more toned. I feel more beautiful and more confident in my body and in my mind.

I also loved the facial treatment, I definitely had a better complexion and my fine lines and wrinkles were relaxed. Brigitte has a gentle and warm approach, you quickly feel confident and at ease with her.”


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